RFM2 Reversible Flip Merker Mod
RFM2 Reversible Flip Merker Mod

RFM2 Reversible Flip Merker Mod

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Product Description

The RFM2™ REVERSIBLE FLIP MERKER MOD is the ultimate solution to attach a variety of small supplies to any of the Total System (TS-Ready™) products. This unique module is reversible and offers two ways of attaching supplies. Side 1 offers two flat looped webbing straps with an included carabiner and two elastic webbing loops, each with three loops. This side can be used to quickly attach additional carabiners, insert oral airways or intubation blades and handles, or add light sticks, penlights, ammonia capsules, per-hospital venapuncture tubes, or QRS knives… or more! The options are up to you. If you need your supplies to be confined and secured, simply unzip the RFM2, flip it around, reattach it and use Side 2. This side has 2 large zippered mesh pockets (14cm x 6cm x 9cm) that can store anything you can fit in them such as tape, IV start kits, tegaderm, gauze pads, injection supplies, or even D5W small IV bags. Again, the options are up to you. The RFM2™ is constructed

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