About Us

MERET® with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing life support and backpacking equipment, the MERET® team incorporates innovative technology from multiple industries to provide the highest quality emergency medical response products on the market. The quality is second to none, which has allowed this range of equipment to quickly become the specified brand for major industry bodies and government agencies.


We are proud to be able to bring this range into Thailand with our partners.


MERET® is different. We design all of our bags with extreme attention to detail, quality, and function. Every feature has purpose. Every material, and every piece of hardware is the highest quality. And every bag design has a unique function to organize and rapidly access medical supplies. We have a great team that works with first responders to listen and understand their challenges, and then we offer innovative solutions that will help them do their jobs. We then work with elite emergency competition teams to test our bags in real world scenarios and validate our design concepts.

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